Does monogamy suck?

This topic, keeps popping up as the root to all evil, a burden, unnatural, and whole lot of other stuff I don’t remember! Some say monogamy is unnatural. Some believe that if we are free to act on our animal impulses, our relationships will thrive. What do you think? I think relationships are voluntary and can be whatever you like as long as all parties agree. But when two or more are involved someone starts to have feelings or feels left out. I think that’s human and hard to avoid. But I care about what you think, and I’m not saying anymore!

Weigh in, let’s talk about.

Is monogamy Bad, Good, other?


3 responses to “Does monogamy suck?

  1. Hello shelovehers below is one of our second comments submitted from our poll. Let the debating begin, don’t be afraid to weigh in!

    Miste – 1 minute ago

    Monogamy is one of those choices that you make like everything else in life. Some people are perfectly fine being with one person (YES! It’s actually being done folks!) whereas some are happier juggling 2 or more. I personally LOVE being in a monogamous relationship. No point in a ‘relationship’ without it in my opinion. The problem is though, people say they want monogamy until they think something better has come along or caught their eye. This is where it can get tricky…

  2. Practicing non monogamy isn’t about waiting for something better to come along. It’s not about being unsatisfied or unhappy. It’s really about being secure enough to live human nature instead of squelch it. But it does take two like minded people.

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