All that glitters isn’t gold, a pretty face doesn’t equal warm heart, just because he’s nice doesn’t mean he’s the one


Why is the journey toward love so hard? Why do we end up starting over again and again, 2 weeks, days, months or a year from now.

Why is knowing when it’s right so obscure?

Why isn’t it like a movie. These questions and many more I’m asked daily.

I honestly do not know the answer, but what I do know is the following:

In my 35 years of life and ten years of love I must say, the most disappointing TRUTH is Like, Love and everything in between isn’t a sweet fairytale.

But who said that anyway? Where did we get this misnomer about LIKE/LOVE?

If we recall popular love stories i.e., Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde, Orpheus and Euridice and countless others.

(Click the heart to refresh your memory)

They all ended in tragedy. What does this mean?

The title of this post could imply that love is unpredictable, indeterminate, and contradictory.

But consider the following: love is the feeling, we the people are the following: unpredictable, indeterminate, and contradictory.

We the people, change our mind, actions, and behaviors according to, well whatever the hell we feel like, or shall I say we are slaves to our ego.

Consider why do I write these blogs, I could do a journal and keep all my musings to myself. Perhaps, I believe, I have something to say, do I really have something to say, well that would depend on YOU šŸ™‚

Mostly, my ego tells me I have an opinion and maybe you care.

Why do we fall in out of love? Why do we fall in and out of like?

Our ego tells us that the next one will be better, there is more out there, someoneĀ  cuter, smarter, someone that will understand you better. Our ego tells us all these things and from time to time and we believe it. Except there is usually someone on the other end of this dialogue that has no idea, what the heck happened. Why you stopped calling, caring, loving, liking.

I propose that love in and of itself is grand, we the people are the problem.


2 responses to “All that glitters isn’t gold, a pretty face doesn’t equal warm heart, just because he’s nice doesn’t mean he’s the one

  1. I don’t know. I think societal and community pressures, mores, and stupid rules – monogamy being one of the worse- are the reason that those great love affairs crashed and burned. While I do believe it somewhat impossible to lie out of sync with the Western/American ideal it is stifling. Stifling to true love, stifling to or human nature, stifling to our sexuality. We remain trapped in loveless, tired, broken relationships feeling stuck and miserable. The alternative would be to allow the relationship to breath with honor and respect while nourishing our souls and whole selves with truthful interactions with our hearts desire at the moment. It may last a lifetime, or may not. Marriage is supposed to be a contract not a prison sentence.

  2. @ Erica

    Well I agree that marriage, relationships or dating shouldn’t feel like a prison. Yes, marriage is a legal contract. But I see all relationships as at-will mutual agreements. You can leave at will, stay at will, you don’t have to be there. As for Monogamy being the root of all relationship ego/evil, I have to say..I think many people fool themselves into believing that open-relationships, polygamy, “doing what you feel in the moment” is a falsehood to happiness. If all our actions were confided to momentary whimsical actions, well life would be a series of abbreviated nothingness. A moment is shorter than the time it took to write this response. Is that really worth, what you can have if you choose to have a partner in any context, that is a partner in truth. The truth could also be, if relationships are contracts in a person’s opinion, well you might not want to be in one. Also, another truth that people are unwilling to accept about themselves i.e., everyone isn’t made for domestic life.

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