Tips for Heartbreak #1

Dealing with break-up and heartbreak can be borderline devastating. You feel like, your lost and have no idea how you ended up in the emotional pit. When you your left or walk away from love it can be isolating and make you feel quasi-insane. As a friend put it, “it’s like I never existed to X. That is exactly how it feels, and multiply it by a million with no definable end.

A few words to meditate on as you mend your broken heart, rebuild your trust, and begin your life after your love is lost.

“I know how it feels to be shutout and rendered irrelevant to someone who meant everything to you. You deserve to be happy and at this point continuing to love X isn’t making you happy, so try to envision yourself moving forward toward happiness and not looking back with regrets. It’s a waste of your heart and prolongs the pain exponentially.”

Smile often and know that everything has a foreseeable end, especially pain.



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