Diary moment

I woke up this morning feeling very retrospective, quiet and still. I have been thinking about this thing called love since the New Year began 15 days ago.

What does the New Year hold for us, all those IN love, searching for love and out of love.

People have gotten into the habit of calling me some kind of love/relationship Guru, flattering but not true.

If anything I would say my track record is pretty poor as far as love goes. I manage to find love, but never to keep it. I have had ten years of meaningful experiences approximately 2 years per girl, that doesn’t sound very successful when you look at the numbers.

Which also leads me to the very point, or what I’ve come to believe is the truth of Love.

Are you ready, it’s truly profound: IT IS.

Ok, not profound at all. But the truth of that is the truth of it. It’s not profound, earth shattering, heart pattering, IT IS. Those other things are moments. The blessed moments we experience due to love. We cherish them and cling to them. But that is not love.

Love is the IT, the unpredictable IT that lingers when the love making is over, when the little disappointments and differences set it. It’s the glue, that keeps your foot on the gas pedal moving forward to emotional oblivion…ok that’s getting a little dark. But love is dark and light and sticky, and sweet. What can I say, I’m emotional today. I just finished watching JUNO! 

So two words IT IS, love isn’t a math equation, we are never going to solve for X. The number is unknown, what number you ask?

The number of months to know if someone is in love with you, how long can you stay together when in love, at what # of years do you fall out of love. How long can love be tested by life, egotism and individuality. Finally, how long will this true burning love that makes your heart palpitate and make you want to vomit last???

The last is the question that aligns our subconscious always. The answer: IT IS. There is no number or preparation for what will happen and what will not happen.

It is a case by case, day by day.  IT IS.

All you can do is Let IT. You actually have no control over it, well you can remove yourself from the equation, so you aren’t completely powerless. But as I have observed and personally experienced we are all so reluctant to do the easiest and cleanest thing first. We want to get emotionally dirty, before we can accept the truths that exist in our love lives.

So there it is: LOVE IS

And all you can do is hold on tight for the ride, laugh when you can, because all rides come to a stop. What comes after that is the real work, and it usually has more to do with YOU than your partner, date, etc, etc.


Can anyone tell me why an arrow through the heart is the sign for love #justsayin


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