New Years Eve

Divorce your dreams from those that you love. Be independent of your partners desire. Love selfishly sometimes, but maintain your ability to be kind, it’s key. It’s the last day of the year, I’ve had writer’s block this month and feel no need to be poetic or grammatically correct. Love and life is not composed neatly into a box with spellcheck. If you are experiencing false starts with love, get up and look in the mirror. When was the last time you did a truly unselfish act? Trust me it’s directly correlated. Life is a wormhole of give and take, energy always returns. If your rude to people, you attract those same experiences. If your entitled you attract the same, funny thing, it isn’t charming when someone reflects the ugly back your way. Focus more on cultivating the kindness in your heart and you will yield the fruits of love. Try being completely honest with yourself. If we all make it through the last night of the year: tommorrow will be the next breath and opportunity to change your life which translates into your love life if you haven’t been following. I love you all!

Happy New Year



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