He’s so not my type, drunken ultimatums, she keeps thinking about her ex, and lovers regret

What do these subjects have in common:

Stepping outside your box, picking the maroon crayon when you really wanted rose!

Random, I know, but please stay with me it will be worth the journey.

Let’s attack the first:

HE’S SO NOT MY TYPE, while listening to my friend Beth today go on and on about how great her new guy is, the list includes good listener, strong, kind, grounded, handsome, good in bed and good a parent etc etc. She ended with “he’s so not my type”!

Well one could ask: Is this girl a sadist? But I knew exactly what she meant.

Opposites in most cases attract and stick, mainly because you are complimenting one another with your differences. Also, you have to step all the way out of your box to know if someone will fit into it. We get so comfortable in our routines, likes, dislikes, demands. Relationship building is not like purchasing a latte at S*bucks, you really, really, really can’t have it your way. People aren’t lego sets to tear down and put together the way we like. So if he or she is so not your type, they maybe just right. If your type is the guy or girl who you can’t seem to make it work with, but you swear they have the qualities of your type. Perhaps it’s time for some revaluation.

The best you can hope for in someone different: that they are wonderful enough to help you graduate and grow on a personal level. The worst, it will be a life changing experience that makes you stronger for this soul-mate search journey.



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