Consider this…

Everything is replaceable. Relationships are not this romance we dream about. Your lover, partner, or spouse is sometimes a self-centered douchebag.

Forgive me, this post will not make your heart melt with joy.

It will be peppered with resentment, iced with contentment, and filled with a little hard truth about this thing we call love.

Love, is not unconditional and neither are we. We (the people) come with a shitload of conditions. I like peanut butter sandwiches, you don’t eat meat. I love the theater, you think Little Wayne is a genius. I like hugs, you need a lot of space. You’re a flirt, I’m self-righteous.

The list of differences go on and on, but can you? Can you overlook, accept, can you forgive, can you forget?

Love is not the girl/guy in the room that makes your heart race. It’s the hours and years of taking shit, and making chocolate cake out it. It’s the family stuff that you love. It’s a hug at just the right moment. Sometimes it’s the jackass affectionately known as your BOO when they get it right some days.

You work hard and hope for more smiles than tears. If it’s the reverse, you get to make the stomach turning choice of ending it.

All that’s Love, and that’s something to consider.


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