REGRETS, goodbyes: to text or not to text!

I would have to say regret is the most overused emotion in and outside relationships.

What is regret? According to Wikipedia: Regret is a negative conscious and emotional reaction to personal past acts and behaviors. Commonly expressed by the expression SORRY.  Another overused word in our relational lives.

Why this topic? Well lately I’ve been nursing some broken heart(s), I have some friends who are going through it and the age ole’ expression – “it takes time,” just doesn’t feel like enough. In this post I hope that I can offer more.

I have been through my share of heartbreak and heart-breaking, both equally painful in my opinion. What I have discovered, is the wound opener during the healing process is: REGRET. Regret requires you to constantly relive all the moments of your dead relationship.

ALL the mistakes, broken promises, lines crossed in the sand and disappointments.

Holding onto regret, ensures that you will have a very long and painful healing process. You can be: certain that you wanted to end the relationship, certain that you and the person are not for each other, but the regret always seems to float in from somewhere.

I think it comes from, never really knowing anything for certain. I know, a slight contradiction from the previous statement, but true. Nothing is certain, EXCEPT…and yes I’m going cliché on you! Again nothing is certain except expiration, everything has an expiration date, i.e. death or divorce. Hopefully the first, I guess?

Anyway, back to the point, put down the bags of REGRETS. Empty that suitcase of mistakes you are carrying around and free your heart for another trip in LOVE. I guarantee it’s worth it, you deserve happiness.

For my friend.

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