Project “Get a Date”

The first three steps to get a Date: ONE: Don’t Look for a Date What do I mean: We all know the ‘thirsty’ girl or guy in the club. He/she is staring at everyone that walks through the door. The person staring hungrily at your empty ring finger. Eager to buy you a drink. The person that tries to dance with you all night. Please don’t be this person. Desperation is not attractiveEVER! TWO: No matter how much you may like a person, if the feelings aren’t being reciprocated: ABORT. That may sound like simple advice but, I see these people all the time. Constantly throwing themselves at the person, making inappropriate comments, paying way to much attention to the person they desire. Shameless flirting to the point of embarrassment. Persistence equals resistance in my experience. STOP IT. THREE: Do what you love. Go to the museum, concerts, knitting groups, music stores (by the way a great place to hang out and meet single guys), The Brooklyn Flea if you’re in New York, street fairs, programs sponsored by professional groups or organizations in your field. This way you will meet people who share the same interests as you. Attend these events as a social anthropologist, study people, practice ice breaker conversations, practice mingling while single, practice not looking so single. Try these instead of online and speed dating. The only thing you will find online are other dateless people. My experience with online dating: unless you aren’t a writer or especially adept at selling yourself through words, have a high tolerance for repeated rejection, flighty behavior, or lies, drop dead handsome or gorgeous your DONE. No joke, most people online will not lower their standards, they are actually looking for the fantasy. After all they are paying 24.99 a month just to respond your post. Just a few tips, more to come! Ciao!


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