Fact, Fiction, Movies, Characters


What do these words have in common: Your relationships.

How many of us are living out movie scenes in our relationships. Dreaming of being blown away with supreme greatness and awe by that perfect guy/ girl. Fantasizing about a women that will open your beer, a man who will wash your clothes without having to ask.

The partner with perfect timing; he/she will anticipate your needs and comply.

Perfectly synched with your desires and wishes, you are perfectly synched with theirs: Synchronicity

I’m here to say that the movies, the fiction you are currently reading and your favorite characters on Film and TV are ruining your REAL LIFE i.e., the place you return after reading this blog, and logging off the computer.

I might have said this before, I’m sure I have. All news isn’t NEW!

Consider the character you are obsessed with on TV/FILM; the one you wish your girlfriend/boyfriend significant date would become. Consider if you spent more time on being that ideal partner. The opposite of your imagined love interest.

Be that perfect partner who gets the guy/girl. What does he or she look like, how do they behave.

Simply stated: “become the woman/man who fits the character in the love story you want to live” (Disclaimer, I totally borrowed that sentence from another blogger).

I thought that was too profound a thought not to share, in my own way 🙂



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