Emotionally Unavailable

Hello Sheloveher’s!

It’s been a while, shyt it’s been months. But hey, I do have a relationship, a crappy job, and life going on! I hope you all have been well in love and life! I’ve been pretty well. If you haven’t noticed there is a particular trend to my posts: under-whelmed (like today), or overwhelmed with joy and love (the norm). Sorry my writing shouldn’t be based on the emotional tides of love, but everything isn’t it.

First my very next post after this one will be Project Get A Date! No, not for me. But I have a very large group of friends in need and apparently match, harmony, BPM isn’t doing it. So now as a serial monogamist I feel it’s my charge to find these available, healthy, attractive, employed men/women for all those great friends of mine who are seeking.

Okay, so what’s this post about: how many of you can identify those moments when your partner is emotionally unavailable? You know what I’m talking about it’s usually some inconvenient time i.e. when you need them. That’s me this morning, she’s in some weird a** mood and I get to be like “it’s okay baby, be where you are” but on the inside I’m like what about me? So these are the little under-whelming moments and minor annoyances associated with this love thang. Sure I love her to pieces, but at the moment I don’t like her behaviour. Tell me what your under-whelming moments are! Have a Beautiful Day in love and life, wow look at that I feel better already. I should talk to yall more often 🙂


2 responses to “Emotionally Unavailable

  1. That’s the challenge being true to your needs and still allowing another their experience. The figuring out is the relationship. Once it’s all processed we usually are out, either literally (death), or figuratively (new relationship). Enjoyment of the sum total is possible though not easy. Every couple I meet that’s been married one or more decades I ask, ‘what’s the secret to relationship success?’ they all reply the same way, ‘patience and kindness’ I assume there must be something to that then, heh?

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