What I know, and I don’t know much

The other day while discussing a recent break-up with a friend, I replied “this is what I know, but I don’t know much…After all look how many girlfriends I’ve had.”

She responded: Well this time is different.
My response: I sure hope so!

These few lines describe the sentiment of most couplings in my humble opinion. We are all just hoping for the best and silently preparing for the worse.

I admit that is a very morose plan and we should work better at leaning toward the positive. People always offer that simplistic answer to navigating relationships’ sandpit. I personally believe that is a very obtuse way of approaching things. It’s like knowing hot water can burn your hand and ignoring that you know this fact.

What I do suggest is being offensive, not defensive.

Use the knowledge from the past, to inform your decisions. Don’t use them to define it.
We never know what will happen, we can’t read minds, and being in a relationship is the hardest thing you will ever do.

Mainly because we are different, wonderful, amazingly diverse individuals. Trying to live together in one bubble. Kinda crazy, definitely insane.

So remember the past, watch out for those lines in the sand. But also embrace your new, next or present love with the kind of innocence that allows beauty to flourish. Believe me it’s worth it.


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