The concept of checking-in isn’t new and if you have ever been in therapy it’s a constant theme.

What is checking in?

Having that slightly uncomfortable conversation with your date, girl/boyfriend, spouse/partner.

Usually it consists of some awkward but important truths. The best case scenario – “I love you, and we are good”

But what’s love without a little adventure, as long as adventure isn’t defined as f*cking someone outside the relationship!

I would like to take the concept of  “checking in”, a step further and explain the importance of CHECKING-IN with yourself.

That is your heart, mind and spirit.

Something I learned from my favorite relationship/life coach Kerri R. Smith, you could be the problem in your relationship. You could be the source of misery, stress and whatever seems to being going on in your life.

We have to check ourselves and often. Take a long look in the mirror. Gauge your ability to create drama and if it’s above a 3, STOP, LOOK, and pay attention.

Why are you creating chaos in your own life, What’s missing?

This will not be and easy process, self-reflection never is. In the end it will make your relationships healthier and you happier.

Below I have included some great quotes, inspired by the them of checking-in with self.

Always remember to Love yourself, you should be your #1 advocate!


I know you have something to say!

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