I’m no expert, twice a fool, and I’m as happy as I allow myself to be…

What the heck, does that title mean?

First, for those of you who know me personally, NO we didn’t break-up.

Every time I post a blog, my loving friends believe “SHE” has done something. I love you all for loving me, she has done nothing it’s just a blog.

I’ve been thinking about my week, and the love week of others.

The very personal, heartfelt questions and conversations that I have been apart of.

This morning when I woke, these three phrases entered my mind. Also, realize that I’ve been listening to Nirvana..A LOT lately.

I’M NO EXPERT– Just because I manage to always have a girlfriend…doesn’t mean I’m exactly good at it!

TWICE THE FOOL – So hard to admit. But I believe these are the types of truths that we need to move on and be better people, lovers and friends.

HAPPY AS I ALLOW MYSELF TO BE – Please re-read and repeat!


I think this is the most important of the three. We create many excuses for unhappiness, and the truth is YOU are at the center of YOUR happiness.

You attract and repel the joy and angst that defines your existence.

AHA! This is what the post is about! Claiming or Reclaiming your happiness, joy, and falling in love with YOURSELF.

I love you, but I love me more. This is what should pop into your head, when that sadness, confusion, or uncertainty creep into your mind. This doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships but all relationships.

I like the job, but I love me more.

I love my friends, but I love me more.

I love my toxic family, but I love me more.

I love the girl, but I love me more.

I love the guy, but I love me more.

I’m in love with myself, which means taking care of me.

This will bring your happiness.


Happy Friday!

4 responses to “I’m no expert, twice a fool, and I’m as happy as I allow myself to be…

  1. In a perfect world we all wish to live in happiness or never have to face a dark place. But in reality sometimes we are in that happy place and situations in life bring us down ,and we than are left to fight with demons. I have been let down and because of LOVE I have fought and have seek for peace in my heart to find once again the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • LadyM, you are absolutely correct, the world isn’t perfect more importantly we as finite beings are profoundly imperfect and flawed. Forgiveness we expect, and we have to constantly be willing to give it. I’m a sap for love obviously, and its always and definitely worth fighting for!

      Ciao Pk

  2. Great advice. Remembering it in challenging times is the key. Love self first and foremost and love others with the same purity. Easier said than done but so necessary.

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