Happy New Love Year! – February 15. 2010

Dating means casual.

Timing is Everything..

Timing also means space…

A friend of mine uttered these words to me during a conversation about relationships and dating.

I thought, “interesting” I wasn’t sure how these words would resonate in my core or if they meant anything at all.

I repeated them to another friend, which replied, “that’s stupid”!

I don’t agree, I believe that some words have meaning when they are supposed to.

Today December 26, 2009 with the end of the year rapidly approaching.

I left the previous line for you to understand just how long those words have been sitting in my draft que.

Almost two years later, wow!

I’m two years different and those words are still interesting and I believe will hold some meaning for the purpose of this blog.

Ironic that this will be the first blog of the New Love Year post February 14 – Valentines Day!

We celebrate everything, why not a chance to begin again with love, current, new or seeking!

So yes, dating is casual, timing is everything, and time does = space.

What is the meaning of this grand equation?

Well consider all relationships a date, some casual as stated earlier eventually progressing to something more serious or ending all together. The point, KIS (Keep It Simple)

Enjoy, get to know one another, grow.

Timing … a most overly used cliché. But something becomes a cliché because of the frequency of use and truth. Timing is everything, sometimes your on, and sometimes not. It may take time or your time could be completely up. Whatever it is, do not cling. Enjoy those moments, enjoy the TIME.

Time = space, a truth most of us are reluctant to acknowledge. But if you believe in the adage of letting a caged bird free to return again. This is simply, the same. Remembering if your love doesn’t return that is alright as well. It frees your for the next or ‘real’ love to come.

That is truly all I can do with that, but I think it’s something to ponder.

As you begin again, end something that is finished, or reboot that old love.

Remember to Date your partner, keeps it fresh!

Timing is the rule not necessarily the exception!

Space is important to the strongest and newest of relationships!




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