RE-POST – FINAL – Forgiveness

*This is the final re-post from the shelovesher blog archives in celebration of Valentines Day! I think it’s an appropriate ending and I hope you enjoy. All new shelovesher begins at Midnight, February 15, 2011*



Highly sought after and often never received. Sounds a little sad doesn’t it, don’t worry..I like to build things up as you read wink!

Forgiveness, I’m learning comes from within. The absolution we seek for loves’ pain and mistakes, can’t be given by another person. We have to forgive ourselves. I have known many women/men recovering from painful break-ups and divorce.

While they are healing, working through bitterness, disappointment and down-right anger. I notice that the break through happens and moment of clarity, when it truly and finally is alright, happens after you forgive yourself.

I’m also speaking from personal experience. So don’t think I’m shooting in the dark, I have hurt and been hurt. The understanding came and heavy heart faded when I accepted the truth and forgive myself.

What should I forgive myself for? A reasonable question, for letting it happen: falling, for believing the list goes on forever literally. We feel a certain responsibility for our pain, rightfully so i.e. nothing happens in a vacuum.

There are so many emotions involved in ‘loves’ pain, but most of them are coming from you. I’ll explain, we hold ourselves responsible for others actions, which is unfair but we do. Once we have decided it’s alright to forgive ourselves, that we are human and flawed. It becomes alright to finally let it go.

Forgiveness is within, forgive yourself its makes your bag so much more lighter!




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