For those who hate Valentines Day…introducing Valentine’s and a six-pack

You know I had to do it, there are those who aren’t hopeless romantics, those who aren’t hopelessly in love, those who hate love and what it can do to you.

This post is for you, in celebration of the perfect lover for the Valentine’s Hater!

Beer is the only lover for those who hate V-Day. She’s always faithful, there when you need her and she makes me feel good all the time.

Of course there are six of them in a pack.

If that was a women, then it would be trouble: annoying, disappointing disaster multiplied by 6.

But since, the only contact is opening, drinking and discarding the bottles. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

GO! NOW AND GET YOURSELF A SIX-PACK, I ALREADY HAVE MINE *WINK* or if your my good friend substitute that six-pack for an order of Chinese store chicken wings and champagne!

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