RE-POST#5 Relationship Wheel

When accessing the value and longevity of a new relationship, you have to constantly consult the Wheel!

What wheel, you ask? The Relationship Wheel. Imagine if your romantic life could be viewed as a vertical wheel?  One in which you spin, and be privy to a vantage point perspective of all your mistakes and triumphs in romance.

When situations arise, spin your wheel experience is the best teacher. You could spin this wheel before dates to remind yourself of personal traps and pitfalls. This could be one awesome wheel! Well it does exist, in your mind that is.

We all keep track, we simply have to remember to review our notes and spin the wheel.

When preparing to make that first call, consult your wheel. Spin it until you are staring at the very thing you hated so much about your last relationship, girl/boy friend, lover, booty call, ex-spouse. Remember these things, remember the signs you ignored in the past, then do yourself a favor..DO NOT IGNORE THE LINES IN THE SAND!

We have all played that game “thinking that this time it will be different”. If you mix lemon, water, and sugar you get lemonade. Thus the same ingredients equal the same results.

Remember to remember, consult the wheel and don’t be afraid of the past. There is much to learn from it!




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