Coffee and a Good wo/man

This morning on my ceaseless search for a decent cup of coffee. I began to equate how finding that perfect cup of java brew is similar to finding that perfect partner (women/man).

Imagine that first sip feels perfect, warm you can’t imagine drinking any other brand. Then one day it’s too weak or too strong. Maybe it’s bitter or sweet.  You begin to prefer a little cream, milk, even soy. The point is, it’s just not the same. Maybe it the equipment, the brand of creamier or just the brew. Loving and finding a good man/woman is the same. Things change, we change. Our needs change, you always hope to love and want that initial brew forever. Simply stated sometimes you don’t. In college you loved Folgers, at your first job it was Starbucks. Now you’re an executive and your very efficient secretary makes your cup via french press daily. When approaching the search for the perfect cup of coffee, woman, or man: we have to remain open and more accepting to the idea of change.

Change doesn’t always mean it’s over, it’s an acknowledgment of  your needs and dreams.

So this am, as I scurried from store to store for the perfect cup. I realized it’s always the journey that’s most important and what you learn about yourself in the process.

That was enigmatic and even a random post to some, but you can find whatever meaning for yourself.


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