Happy New Year and a Bucket List

OMG, as they say! Happy New Year First and for most she-lovers and he-lovers. It has been too long. I was distracted no other way to put. Maintaining my own full-time romance and life is more than a person can handle at times. I would like to start this first post of the New Year with a suttle reminder…excise FACEBOOK from your romantic life and forget about resolutions.
Your life is happening right now, spending hours a day on FACEBOOK measuring your lovers love by the amount of ‘sappy’ posts, stupid pokes, or pictures posted is silly. Live your relationship, your alive. Why post when you can call, why message when you can schedule a date. Just stop the FACEBOOK madness.

Secondly, resolutions are pointless. Make a bucket list, I’ve found this activity far more helpful and actually relevant to life. The list usually grows and not changes. It isn’t filled with stuff like stop smoking, stop partying, spend time with my kids, and paint the spare room. All important things depending on your lifestyle. But I find a bucket list has more truth and goals your really are excited about.
That’s it for now, I promise to write soon!

2 responses to “Happy New Year and a Bucket List

  1. Hey, good points. I wish the weather would knock it off so I could enjoy doing some of my bucket list items. What’s on your list?

    • Thanks Boatstring!

      I want to learn how to swim and attempt surfing.
      Own a florist shop on a beach boardwalk for fun and because I love flowers..kind of a retirement activity.
      Learn to speak fluent spanish and french

      My list is ongoing..LOL

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