I thought I could be a jump off?!

I thought I could be a jump off!

Friends with Favors, Friends with Benefits, F*ck Buddies

Either way you slice it..a prolonged one night stand!

We have many new cute terms for what equates to an emotional – “one night stand”

Except we often forget that no matter how many times we sleep with this person the expectation hasn’t changed.

What expectations? You will go home in the morning, I will not make you breakfast, I will not kiss you, Don’t expect me to hold you, If you had a bad day, Don’t you dare call me, You will keep your feelings to yourself, actually you won’t develop feelings at all.

A jump off is just that, jumping off an emotional ledge into a sexual abyss devoid of anything real.

Why in the Hell would you want to be a jump off!

I hear so many people claiming to be a jump off, wishing they had a jump off, desiring to be someones jump off!

If you find yourself reciting the title of this blog, do the following:

Think of the most amazing experience you can imagine, now smack yourself. That is what it feels like to be a jump off.

Ciao, and Keep it safe!



2 responses to “I thought I could be a jump off?!

    • @she wears

      No worries babe, our hearts aren’t made for that mess. those that are successful at being jump-offs have succeeded in the destroying the most beautiful part of self, i.e., where soul, heart and head join.

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