Summer hottie!


I have been gone a few months always meaning to come back, but life is that way sometimes.

Now that I am back it’s summer and the girls and boys are out! Why is it people get restless in the summer, why does every buff chested man grab your girls’/guys’ attention, why does every booty seem that much more divine under the summer sun?

Ask yourself this?

For years I have been wondering why people always say: “It’s the summer, I want to be free”, don’t you realize there are three other seasons that you will want that person or anyone on a lonely winter listen to your work drama, rub your head when your sick, and kiss your stank morning breath mouth!

Why are we so easy to dismiss someone we loved 9 months for three months of meaningless romance?

If your guilty of the summer whoring phenomenon, please take a close look at the person next to you? Will they love you when it’s cold outside, your acne flares up and you accidentally fart in bed or are they just a hot body for some summer fun!

That’s it for this one! Have fun with your summer loves, come labor day you’ll texting that Ex!


I know you have something to say!

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