I’ve heard this twice in the last two weeks. It seems the summer brings options and restlessness of another kind. Usually if your with someone in the summer you met them in the winter.

Your rolling around to a year of ‘togetherness’, and people begin to want more. It’s not that complex actually, if you sleep with someone more that three times a week, they will usually want more.

Simple, right..WRONG!

Communication, my favorite not-so favorite thing to do. Somewhere around month four or five we stop hammering away at what we want. We get comfortable, the sex is still good, you haven’t been exposed to the major personality flaws.

It never fails, around month 9 when a year of your life has almost passed we begin to want more. Because after all, who has a year, month, day or second to waste on anything..I mean really!

I WANT MORE, this is what we say to ourselves, we begin the pitfall of suggestive speech, and tip-toeing with person.

This is where communication comes into play, say what you want. You actually have nothing to lose, although you feel that way. If you lose them, you never had them. I definitely believe every lover will serve their purpose.

My friends if you WANT MORE, ask for more. Communicate your needs, refer to your list. If you don’t know what list I’m talking about read the post “what good is a list” posted in September!

I think lists are important, because you can’t pretend like you didn’t want something or it didn’t happen. Write it down, good, bad other. Then in times of distress..”Like the I want more conversations, refer to it”!

If you find you want more, then you owe it to yourself to do something about!

Ciao, for now and good luck T & R!


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