Love Stinks

Now that I have your attention *smiling*

For those of your out there, who enjoy the blog but haven’t exactly bought into the love, communication, openness and all the other shish your therapist says for 125.00 an hour.

This post is for you.

This post will not be filled with karmic wisdom, ideas of love and fanciful notions of it will all work out.

It will be something you haven’t seen and will probably never see again…

Sometimes love stinks!

Sometimes no matter how many haiku’s you post on your desk at still hate your job.

No matter how many times you tell your boy/girlfriend their insensitive, lazy, messy, out of touch, fill in the ___________.  They just don’t get it.

No surprise it hurts and all the darn blogs, Essence magazines, self-help and quiet moments of reflections will never change that.

Where is this going, what is this blog post about…glad you asked *smile*


(I lied there will be some positive wisdom, who wants to read a blog without suggestions)

The faith to accept what you do not understand and the faith that it will work out. Yes, that was very anti-climatic *wink*!

Were you thinking that your love would dissolve all things unpleasing or the delusions of grandeur that we are perfect beings, behaving perfectly all the time.

We are not. Most days we are not even trying.  We maintain, communicate and have faith there will be a breakthrough during growing pains. Newsflash if there are no growing plains, you can’t get better, be better.

Of course there is the pragmatic answer, there is some shish you just have to live with, if you have accepted the love you have with him/her.

That’s all I got for this one!



4 responses to “Love Stinks

  1. Yeah, we always seem to rely on love to carry a relationship, but we forget to give faith a chance. It’s defintely a difficult ongoing battle of the heart we just can’t seem to shake, or get enough of.

    • We can never get enough of it some Buddhist once told me, that we would spend our entire lives chasing everything, someone, or something. That thing we are craving comes from God, the source, universe..whatever your spiritual inclinations. Not to get all ecumenical, but I also believe this connections nourish all connections i.e. with our loves and lovers.

  2. Well, love is the complete encomapasser. I think that when we fall into a pot of hot in love stew we forget that it will cool and that coldness is where love can grow or die or transform. With it’s bitterness, it’s trials, it’s curve balls. I’m learning as a newly married person that love is the undefine-able it is the all. Amazing high heights and terrificly terrifying lows. Faith, acceptance are great starts but there is also an unnamed thing inside that kicks as well. Don’t know what that is yet I know it has kicked.

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