The Tides of Love

There comes a point in every new and old relationship when the honeymoon ends, the fantasies come crashing into reality and your lover disappoints you. Surely, these things are not the end of the world or the relationship but it doesn’t make it any less devastating momentarily. These are the “Tides of Love” like an ocean, our relationships are subject to change as frequent as the weather.
Many reasons, we are different, values, ambitions, practices, needs..we are different.

Someone once told me that love was 10% emotion and 90% reciting and reminding yourself why the person is good for you.

Now that is even too dramatic and pessimistic for me. But I will admit and so should you we do spend a great deal of time going over our mental lists of pro’s and con’s.

I believe this is true for all levels of commitments. After all true love only comes after we abandon our self-centered ways. We are all self-centered, I think this is natures’ instinctive hard-wiring  that allows us to protect ourselves.

What is the point of this blog?

Once you begin to experience the tides of your love, don’t quit.  it is very easy to walk away, well easier than staying to figure/work it out.

I encourage you to observe, reflect, and stay in your moment. That is where the truth lives. This is how you will determine if your love is experiencing a Tide or Tsunami.



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