What is this post about anyway?

Odd title, I thought it might be catchy and I have a variety of things on my mind. The following will be a series of stream of conscious, not particularly articulate diatribe.

Listen, it’s my blog and I will ramble if want to *smile*

So, V-Day is approaching, Valentine’s Day that is. The time of year when you go broke or go home, alone, to a cold bed forever known as a cheap bastard! Seriously, I have consulted many friends about this very special faux-holiday. It can make or break a ‘LOVE’ year. I always believe if you argue on Valentines and New Years your pretty much doomed.

I’ve also always believed it a carnal sin to break-up with someone on V-Day. Have a heart, you’ve put up with him/her all this time at least wait until the 15th.

WHAT IS THIS POST ABOUT ANYWAY? In my best superhero voice!

Relationships, ambivalence, passive indifference and potential disappointment. I guarantee these are always in the mix of results for someone’s V-Day.        Why?

I know, that sounds really sad.

Don’t worry there is a way to avoid these things…

Still waiting?

Don’t put so much stock in a day. Consider your years, months, weeks and hours with that person. Don’t make, break, or rate your ‘loved’ one on this stupid Faux-liday.

I am a romantic, that’s my disclaimer. But romance doesn’t come one day a year. It’s a long, slow, perpetual dance, that’s if it’s done right. If you really know what you’re doing, it starts with the first conversation, date, and kiss. Those are deposits in the bank.

As a matter of fact, I hear some baby-making music playing and smell fried food coming from my landlords’ apartment downstairs..now that’s what I call deposits *wink*

So V-day’s approaching, KISS= Keep it Simple and Sincere!

I guess this blog was about something!



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