Talk Therapy: Truth, lies, and somewhere in between

It seems we are in the age of talk therapy, communicating, being open. I have been one to spout the adage..’No one really wants the truth they are vehemently seeking’. I have also been told on many occasions “Yes, some people really do!” How many of you have fallen into the communication trap, told the truth to only have it thrown in your face. Can you see my hand wildly flailing, ‘alright, it wasn’t all that bad’.

I will also admit that I am learning the truth really is a path, forgive my Buddhist ramblings. So, now I’m addressing the real desired audience of this post..All my gentlemen friends. Guys, it’s okay to tell the truth. You can believe her/him, but know you can’t control the outcome of these truths. I know, I know…no one ever explains that part. It’s part of the trap, I mean truth.

Seriously, I have taken the truth serum and it’s working pretty well for me. The truth means you give people options. Which allows them to make informed decisions. The truth means that people don’t feel deceived. Telling the truth is karmically sound. Telling the truth promotes good chi for the soul.  The truth means you respect and trust the individual. People always like that last argument it appeals to their sense of self.

Anyway, the main point is quite simple; the truth will set you free. Of course you may come home and all your stuff is on fire.

But you’ve got the truth, RIGHT *smile*!


2 responses to “Talk Therapy: Truth, lies, and somewhere in between

  1. I agree. Truth is a damn hard pill to swallow and often times a hard pillow to give out, but you can always walk away the feeling that you did what was right for you.

    • @ carib76, Indeed it is a jagged little pill. Ultimately at the end of the day, you have to live with the person you are and make decisions that are best for you! Thank you for your insight and keep reading!

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