Happy New ‘Love’ Year!

Okay, so I’m about 15 days late. Better late than never wink. Yes, I know that is what late people always say. Again, if you’re still with me on this never ending literal ride of emotions, happiness, and shared disappointments we call relationships, love, like and somewhere in between…

Cheers, or get a box of Kleenex!

I don’t mean to be sarcastic, but isn’t that the way of the heart. I often describe love to people as schizophrenia or insanity. It is completely irrational, uncontrollable, makes you delusional or prone to delusions of grandeur. You have the troubling perception that it will never end. I know many of you will dislike that last statement. But logically speaking nothing lasts forever..death or break-up those are our options. The point of my little pontification, accepting and acknowledging your perception vs. reality.


Perception is a very strange thing; it’s colored by ‘feelings’ intuition and feelings. All great but, we have to remember ‘feelings’ are subject to desire. Desire usually has nothing to do with reality. So when we date and meet/greet in this new year we have to consult the relationship wheel..more on the wheel in the next blog.

Anywho, we have to become extremely mindful in this New ‘Love’ Year of our Perceptions vs. Reality. We have to truly take stock of what is real and what is desire. If we have been fooled or have led the deception by not accepting what was right before us. I will take my own personal stock of my realities vs. perception. I will, stay present in my moments, I will not cling, I will not desire.

Sounds good right? Good Luck to all in this New ‘Love’ Year! Most importantly Love yourself enough to love and respect the truth.




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