The ‘One’

“Because you are the one”, this is what Morpheus tells Neo in the Matrix. Finding the one can be some tricky business. As one reader wrote recently, “how do you know the one, is the one”?

Good F-ing question *wink* Seriously, I believe we have all asked ourselves this, usually inspired by a new love or loss of love. We ask ourselves a million questions, we analyze and over analyze everything. We trust nothing and believe everything all in the same instance.

Loving or falling in love is some crazy, scary, sexy, cool stuff. So back to the burning question, how do we know when we’ve met this one. I will tell you right now don’t get your hopes too high..I haven’t seen my future or yours’ either *smile*

Well I would suggest referring to your list, if your not sure what I’m speaking about read the post from Sept or Oct. This list should have your ‘do’s and don’t’s’, the deal breakers, the things that you are really flexible about. Write this list when you aren’t in love or like, to maintain objectivity.

That was the pragmatic, logical and head answer. Being the fatal romantic I am, my real answer is your heart will know. WTF, I know this is not something that really answers a question. The point is, that if he/she is the ‘one’ there are no questions. I’m not crazy, I don’t mean ‘no’ questions at all. I mean there are no serious questions. Those fundamental heart questions are answered.

The strange little things you communicate to each other in quiet moments, that feeling that everything stops around you when you are together, taking the most random occurrences in life and branding them as your own. I don’t know, I’m no genius and I don’t have this love, the one stuff figured out.

What do you think?


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