Keep it Simple


I know by now you must have noticed that all my dating perspectives are centered around these central themes: simplicity, maturity, and self-control..not really very romantic.

Television will really have you confused about life. People meet on shows: their eyes lock across a room, everything stops, they just ‘get along so well’, you finally believe in soulmates…stop the track!

That is some BS, there is a beginning, a middle, and end to everything. The potential to get burned, is always there. The sh*t rolls down, always. But until it starts rolling, enjoy and keep it simple.  Not an easy task, but possible. Once the record stops playing after you meet..I’m sorry the ‘record’ is all the sappy, warm gooey-ness you feel. The necessary ingredients to any romance and relationships’ beginning.

So once the record stops, there will be a little withdrawal pain, some minimal hurt feelings but after you accept the truth of what you have: ‘Keep it Simple’. Don’t try to re-create moments, don’t live in the past, live in the moments that are constantly being created. When the record stops accept it and realize that it is an opportunity to grow your relationship. Now the work begins; what is it you really have, do you even like it?

If so, then Keep it Simple. I know I haven’t said how, well that’s because there is no formula, and I don’t know anyone who has perfected this. Think about the most embarrassing moments of unrequited love (in your life and movies)..all that shish..DON’T DO it to yourself!

That’s my advice for Keeping it Simple. If they calls, they call , if you see the person, you see them, text know where I’m going with this. Be engaged, but not so engaged that your smothering, becoming needy or drowning in feelings with no place to go.

Of course nothing is ever simple really, you’ll understand what I mean if you can read the text on the image in this post.

KIS – Keep It Simple or try anyway.



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