My friend had this cute little analogy about carry-on luggage and relationship baggage. Caution, fear, anxiety; our experiences we use as a frame of reference and filter for our dates. This baggage we carry with us into new relationships. A few days after this conversation, I was watching a movie preview were a character described a relationship as baggage. His philosophy was life was easier without these external/intimate connections because they ultimately hold you back or weigh you down. Now that is interesting. I will be the first to admit, life is easier when your not constantly worried about feelings, lonely too, but definitely easier.


Which has led me to this post. If all we want in life is movement, freedom to cry, rant, love, hate, live etc.  Why do we keep seeking the one thing that ultimately hinders or stops this. I know this sounds fatalist with regards to relationship happiness. But remember it’s just a blog and you can always take the blue pill!

This is also where I would utter to myself that perhaps I think too much. Seriously, why seek a relationship when it is just a vessel for emotional baggage. Carry-on’s, a bag with wheels, a Samsonite (indestructible), why do it to yourself.

What if we apply that analogy from this perspective: Imagine that in a relationship you carry an emotional bag. Maybe one day you travel lighter that others. Maybe you carry a clutch or murse…those would be the good days. Some days you are a bag lady with five or six bags those are the extremely bad days. If your goal became to only carry have a shoulder bag or messenger bag daily, you might actually be in good shape. Imagine that carrying one bag is a sign of a well-adjusted relationship..if there is such a thing.

Remember ‘Keep it Simple’ and also remember ‘simplicity is the appearance of not being complex’. Ok, just try to limit your baggage to a carry-on *smile*

Anyway there is my fruit for the day!


2 responses to “Carry-on

  1. You can try to limit your baggage to a carry on, but in order to do that you have to learn to let go. We go through so much in relationships and then when you add that to how many relationships we are in…. Learn to let go is all I have to say.

    • @ Kelly, I agree with you 100%. In Buddhism they say all of life is pain, unless you stop clinging to people, things, your concept of self, life in general. So letting go, definately the #1 step in my book to achieving peace!

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