I think people define maturity by the amount of pain you can endure without complaining about it.

I was writing in my journal and before I realized it had scribbled this text along with other things in my book of thoughts. Let’s meditate on this….

Is this true?  If so, that is some funked up shish!

But i think, maybe it is.

What do we say about our ex’s or people we want to leave us alone or “get over it”, or we expect them to have some newly adopted coping mechanisms where they can keep their pain and complaints to themselves. 

“We all have our own problems”, as my friend just stated. Wow, that is some cold-blooded stuff. Folks this is the world we live in, so before you make the fool of yourself remember this, repeat it in your head, write it down if you have to.

Allow it to be your mantra “Maturity  is defined by the amount of pain you can endure without complaining about it” It’s sad, it’s mean, it’s true. If you find yourself vehemently disagreeing that’s probably because you flagrant offender.

thinking_manSomething, I keep repeating to my friends, mostly to remind myself. Stay truthful in your moments, don’t make them anything more than they are. This is how you stay out of trouble, when I say trouble I mean emotional purgatory. You know that special place you go before you land, burn and die in heartbreak city!
Stay true to your moments, listen to what people say and for godsakes love yourself enough to know when to fold’em



4 responses to “ defined

  1. When someone says “We all have our own problems” it’s not to be self centered.. At least I don’t think so anyway. I think that it’s just a way of informing the listener that you are not alone in the struggle; i sympathize, empathize, understand… We all have our problems with love, with relationships, with family, with life. I’m not saying that we don’t want to listen to the “woe is me” line, talking about your problems to someone else helps to put them in perspective and can be used for future reference. Being a mature person doesn’t mean that you never complain. Why do we voice our opinion? To get things done! Why are we taught at a young age to speak up so our voices can be heard only to to be told that we are complaining when we get older???

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