Love is a VERB, not an adjective

I have been saying this for maybe six years or so.

Originally, I was being a smart-ass while arguing with some girl I was seeing at the time. As I have said it over and over again to friends, while discussing our mutual loves’ up and downs. I have come to hold these words close to my heart and as my personal mantra.


When we traditional think of love, it’s usually as a description. But, when people describe love, they always use action words. Thus a verb not an adjective *wink*

Seriously, I rather you show me you love me, then say it everyday without any action to back it up! By the way I write this post as I listen to the music recording artist Fantasia..“when I see you, when I see you”!

I just like to set the mood for y’all while I’m writing. Anyway, enough digressions. So if you think you love someone before you start uttering those 4 letters, consider your actions. Have you shown her, has she shown you?

This will guide your actions.

Unfortunately you can say it all day, if your actions don’t match then you haven’t done anything but annoyed the person.

Also remember that LOVE = Emotion +Convincing pretty much 100% of the time .

I can hear the jeers and jest, I’m sorry it’s true. I know no one likes or agrees when I say it, but it’s true.

Not that your love isn’t genuine, but what happens when you repeat something over and over to a person reinforced by your actions, they believe you. So if you don’t love the person, don’t go around saying it…who knows eventually you will believe it!


I know you have something to say!

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