Playing hard to get

So after a few conversations and searching it seems that the art of playing “hard to get” in full effect. I will go on record now, saying that i believe this is a huge waste of time. if you do it and the person assumes your too busy and decides to move on..then what other result did you expect.

So why do we do this, well one friend explained that it was apart of the chase between women and men, but what about us lesbian and bisexual folks…probably still the same thing in my opinion. So I think the major reason why people might ‘play hard to get’ is to protect themselves.

When you realize that you have romantic feelings, you are excited and scared simultaneously. Why can’t we just be excited, because the fear of getting hurt pursues us like sweat rolling down a back. How do we combat this and not allow it to entice us into silly game play?

Good question, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer..if you read my blog entitled dating…you will see *smile* Seriously, i think you must have an honest talk with yourself and decided if she is worth the risk. I mean you can’t control any of it anyway. So let go, and let god..for lack of a better expression.

i mean, there is all this talk about the moment..even in the eightfold path of dating there is talk about staying present in your moment. when you allow fear, pride, the need to control and ego consume end up in a dangerous place.

stay in your moment, enjoy your moment and honestly everything ends and continues for a reason without our interference.

spend your energy ‘staying in your moment’, being honest in your moment and the kind of person that doesn’t have to play games.

the alternative everyone loses!


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