Should I settle?

I write this post while sitting on my bed, pillow behind my back listening to Robin Thicke..and falling in love with his music all over again.

His music makes me want to be in love, make love, and love period. This is completely contradictory to the title of this blog..‘should I settle’?

Settling..just the thought of it makes me nauseous! Except I can’t ignore the fact that it’s beginning to happen in record numbers amongst women I know. I specifically had a friend advise me “girl, never marry for love, money first then love”

I can’t do it, forgive me I have this really nostalgic idea about being in love with a person, not their account balance. But, perhaps I have to consider where this philosophy has gotten me. Now I’m not giving up on love, I’m just entertaining this idea for the sake of the blog, it’s all about the blog *wink*

I dated several women that were financially stable and sound, but of course there was no passion. Yes, passion is short lived, but we must start somewhere and that is as good a place as any!

I have consulted my straight ladies, and it seems there is a process of elimination: POE…that goes like this:

1. Body

2. Career

2. Sex

3. Education

4. Status: divorced, single, separated, dad (any of which can affect the money)

5. Religion

6. Looks

My survey is not a sophisticated but these are my observations. Aesthetics can be overlooked if a number of other things are in order. My question is, aren’t looks an important part of attraction? I don’t know, but if i’m not attracted to you then we aren’t getting very far. I have to want to sleep with you…

I think attraction works like this:

“ohhhh, you look good, I want sex” and if it’s good..then let’s see how long it will take before we annoy each other with our clothes on.

Not that carnal of course, well yes it is actually. We just don’t say it out loud. I’ll say it for you.

You may have noticed that the list has two #2’s that not a typo, sex and money are equal concerns. Actually that seems to be the consistent thing women are not willing to sacrifice. So if your ‘not the cutest’ but can hit the spot..your probably ok, if you have a little cash that is.

If your broke, you’ll be around for a little while, but once the sex has worn off you will be replaced for a newer model. So stability ladies you are seeking stability..and it seems with straight women blaring body issues will not do. Most women will take a nice body over a face, WOW! As for Lesbians, your age determines what your willing to forgo. Also, some lesbians think there is a prize for taking the girl you don’t want..maybe you think it makes you deep and evolved..ahh no just stupid.

Should I settle no! Should you settle, hell no!

Priorities, you can get what you want, but consider the net you cast for the fish you want. It’s so important for what you catch.



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