what good is a list

very good. i promised myself the next time i found myself single..i would make a damn list, and check that shi**t twice before going on dates, carry it everywhere and use it to keep me love sober.

this list would remind me of what i did not want and how not to get there. like Pink says..’don’t let me get me’

this list would keep me honest in my moments, this list would remind me not to get foolish with my feelings.

so a list is a good idea. of course i can’t share my list with you ladies. bkgd_list

I can only advise you to have one.

I’m not saying let the list stop you from enjoying yourself and being natural. But the list is like your wedding ring, a reminder that you are married to achieving happiness for yourself. not to sell yourself short, and never ever settle for some bull.

make that list today, tuck it in your purse or pocket. read it when you feel loves’ grip taking hold of you. hopefully nothing on the list will be in your moment and you can proceed in your bliss!

Cheers..go get some.


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