phases of the four letter word

test 60loving you is like writing in the dark, flying in water, and swimming in light.

what i mean is everything is flipped inside out

everything is a surreal painting: cool, original and new.

of course i wouldn’t want this to end like hitting concrete after ingesting a hallucinogen.

crazy out of my mind because your gone

we are too damn old, for that same old sad song

so loving you is branded, original, and new..

it’s the birth of blue skies, the feeling when a plane lands, the smell of firewood.

what do i do. what can i do, i couldn’t stop it if i wanted to.

i guess, i’ll have to let it do what it do.

one day it won’t be so new, or shiny it will simple you and me

but will you still love me too

you can still play with me i’m not broke

i’m just not that new, maybe my sky blue, is a little indigo.

the surreal is now real.

but loving you is still as natural as breathing air.

i still love you, will you love me or was it the ride.



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