Types of love: which one do you have!

One day some male friends and I were talking about woman and love. During this conversation I begin to describe the types of love. I don’t really know where all this came from but here it goes.

I have reflected on past relationships to create the definitions below, I’m no dear Abby..this is based on my experiences solely smile!

A fun exercise: create a list (see below) and read the definitions. Think of your past lovers and see where they fall in. It is really helpful with showing you where or how you have matured and defining what you want and need. Have fun with it!

1. unrequited –

2. true love –

3. romantic love –

4. sexual love –

5. kindred love –

6. first love –

7. strange love –

8. defining love –


well unrequited is people you love and they don’t love you back..booooo! you are probably obsessed with them and know they are not interested in you. yet you have some sick need to keep stroking their ego. they have given you no reason to pursue them, but you persist. eventually this person will end up using you, if you don’t stop yourself. so stop it!

true love, Well I think as I get closer and closer to it’s definition it becomes more defined. Ask any married person that believes they are with their soul mate and the answer has one consistent thread. this person was the one that stopped the room for them, for no particular reason but a heightened sense of awareness of their presence. a connection or closeness that hasn’t been experienced before and if left un-interrupted  would marry and bask in each other immediately forever. I promise you the story is always something like that. most importantly, the least helpful and most common answer is ” you just know”. ..what? I told you it was the least helpful!

romantic love, women that you sincerely and genuinely love you think it could be lasting, but it’s not true love or particularly sexual and there are blaring factors which let you know it’s not forever.

sexual love, one of my favorites if you are emotionally mature enough to handle it. deep sexual attraction and satisfaction without all the stuff in common that would make a relationship work for the long haul.

finally..kindred love if you are lucky these are friends for the rest of your life. who you have had the pleasure to love and romance. I would say it’s the love you need after a heart-break, it isn’t true love but it’s a genuine want to heal each other where a friendship usually blooms. if you are both willing to accept it for what it is.

first love..read the blog entitled: the first always breaks you down.

strange love..not love at all. probably boredom, loneliness.’ hey we have all done it’, don’t judge me! it’s the one you can’t find any logical reason you even hooked-up with this person.

defining love..as quoted by a friend “clarifies purpose, lays out destiny. Who they are leads to self-discovery to change. catalyst love.


I know you have something to say!

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