The Big Move

i feel a little like Carrie Bradshaw, except i’m brown and not in NYC. This blog is an answer to a suggestion a therapist of mine had years ago, thanks Sanchez. She said you should write a book or a list ‘tips’ on dating.

Not that I’m some dating guru at all, actually all of my dates have ended in relationships. Not that they all (13) should have. But during the last decade of loving woman I have learned something from every last one of them.

I warn you I am a water sign and prone to mystical descriptions. But, I work really hard at keeping myself grounded.

So finally ‘she loves her’, is my experiences told in a way which hopefully leaves you some anecdotal advice or a good laugh or cry..hopefully no crying.

I will take my best friend’s advice and truly have a blog that represents my filter.


I know you have something to say!

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